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“Pauline gave us a home office filing system to find anything very quickly.  It is a simple system to use and easy to maintain.  We don’t search for papers anymore!   It has saved us time and much aggravation.”

Thanks for your help, Pauline!   –  Rob and Kim

Do you feel like you are constantly searching through piles to find what you need?

Do you come in at the start of the day and wonder where to start?

If you are taking hours to go through paper and emails and never really accomplishing anything, NOW is the time to start organizing so your business can move forward.

  1. Take all your piles of papers and put in a box.  Go to a sorting table.  Next every paper is one of these – TO BE READ – TO ACTION – TO FILE – make 3 piles and have one box for recycle and one for shred.  If you have a shredder, shred as you go.  Keep in your head as you go through Read, Action, File, Toss – RAFT.  You can use the same system for Email.
  2. Once this is done you need to make a home for the READ and ACTION – this you can use a 3 tray system or a desk top system.
  3. Everything that needs to be filed you need to categorize and make file folders, hanging files and  put in filing cabinet.
  4. From here purge and organize your drawers, shelving units and anything else that needs to be done.
  5. Make sure everything has a home, pen holder, clip holders, containers to hold ink cartridges ( new and old to recycle), CD’s, books, extra office supplies, paper etc.
  6. At the end of the day, put everything away, action for the next day goes in the ACTION tray – end your day with a clear desk so when you come in the next day you are starting with a new slate.

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