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Yes, I’ve read this book. Twice as a matter of fact.

I enjoyed it the first time and took some steps to increase my overall happiness. But I find I do fall back in some of my resolutions. So reading it the second time I thought I would make my thoughts public and look for insight from my fans and friends.

My first true AhHuh moment was this

“Current research underscores the wisdom of his chart-keeping approach.People are more likely to make progress on goals that are broken into concrete,measurable actions, with some kind of structured accountability and positive reinforcement.” Gretchen Rubin

Well that made sense, I mean when I work with my organizing clients success is greater when I break down the tasks, set out guidelines, and work with a clear set of goals.

Rebecca and Erin have been reinforcing the SMART Goals

S- Specific

M- Measurable

A – Achievable

R – Relevant

T- Time Sensitive

So…is it true?

Do you achieve your goals more consistently when you have them down on paper? Are you able to reach success when it’s just a thought process or are the odds greater for you when it’s black and white – right there in your face? Does this make it all too overwhelming? Too much pressure to succeed?

It’s obvious the answers will be different for everyone. But for me, my happiness…I will ascertain 12 important virtues that I feel will increase my happiness when addressed.

It’s a work in progress. šŸ™‚Friends

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