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What is the Four Box Method of decluttering?

Life is chaotic. One thing that we can do to manage the chaos is to create a clutter free space because many people don’t realize the impact that clutter can have on their mental well-being. . 

So let’s begin.

Gather four bins (could be a box, clear plastic bag etc) and label them: Keep/Relocate; Give Away; Storage; Garbage. 

Choose one area to focus on. It can be a room or, if that’s too much, then choose a closet or a corner of the room. 

As you look at each item, decide whether you will keep it. If it is to stay in the area you are working in then put it away where it belongs. If you are keeping it but it needs a new home then put it in the Keep/Relocate bin. 

If you examine an item and decide you don’t need it, determine whether you will sell it, donate it or throw it in the garbage. Ultimately, this will depend on the condition of the item and how much time/energy you have in finding it another home. If you don’t have the time to post each item or answer inquiries and arrange pickup then donation may be the better option. 

The storage bin is for off-season items that can be kept in another location. For example, seasonal décor, off-season clothing, seasonal sporting equipment. 

The key is monitoring your intake of items AND regular maintenance. After you have fully purged your home, schedule maintenance every few months to stay ahead of it. 

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Thinking of downsizing? You’re not alone. As the baby boomer generation ages many are deciding to sell their family homes and opt for smaller dwellings. Regardless of your reason for downsizing, the process can be overwhelming. 

Sorting, assessing and evaluating can be an enormous task and not one  you’d want to take on in the midst of staging, selling, and moving. If you can, begin to purge your belongings  before you plan to move. The sooner the better. It will make the process seem less arduous.  

Start with what’s easy. Oftentimes kitchen or bathroom items have the least amount of sentimental attachments. Whatever you identify as your “easy room” is where you want to begin. From that point, move room by room, sorting and evaluating your belongings. 

Keep your new space in mind while you sort through your things. Don’t just consider the square footage of your new home but imagine the lifestyle you will have when you get there. If you’re retired and have taken up hiking then you can probably part with your dress shoes and suits. 

As you downsize, you are likely to come across sentimental items that won’t fit into your new space or lifestyle. Try reaching out to family or friends who may be interested in providing those items a new home. Start divvying things up early to allow time to schedule pick ups or drop offs well in advance of your move day. 

With the right checklist and a sufficient amount of time, the process of evaluating and parting with your belongings can be very liberating. 

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