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Tis’ the season for hot chocolate, family gatherings and….consumerism.

According to the Retail Council of Canada’s 4th Annual Holiday Shopping survey, Ontarians will spend, on average, $863 on Christmas gifts this season. Holiday spending is up 30% from last year. Imagine if you could save money AND give the best gifts you’ve ever given? 

Yes. Please. 

For many of us these days, our homes are overflowing with “stuff”. There are gadgets and gizmos for every purpose.. It is never too late to shift the focus away from the “stuff” and explore options that are more personal.

Here are some ideas for more intentional space saving gifts.

  • Taking a friend for coffee/dessert
  • Baking a neighbour a treat or making a meal
  • Making a donation to a meaningful charity on your friend’s behalf
  • Creating a photo book/calendar 
  • Making a playlist with songs they like
  • Choosing an experience (movie tickets, museum, sledding, skiing)

There are plenty more options that you can tailor to the person.. The idea is to be intentional about what you choose. Give the gift of yourself rather than an object. You can avoid getting caught up in the hustle and bustle of the holiday and focus on the real spirit of Christmas, which is personal connection, love, and some inner peace.

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